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Welcome to The Lucky Few

Our family's a bit special, and we proudly call ourselves one of "The Lucky Few" families because we are blessed with a loved one born with Down syndrome. Fueled by love and a desire for inclusivity, we are on a mission to shatter stereotypes surrounding individuals with Down syndrome. Swing by, grab a bite, and join us on this down-to-earth journey where every dish tells a story of love, inclusion, and a commitment to a better, compassionate future.

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Delicious seasonal dishes

Our restaurant serves up a mix of international dishes, keeping traditions alive in a modern way. We offer a quarterly menu that changes depending on the season. Besides our quarterly menu, we have a few daily dishes with at least one vegan option.

From April 1st in The Lucky Few, every Friday will be a menu day.

On that day there will be a

  • 4-course menu (meat or fish)

  • costs 47€ per person

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Don't miss the opportunity to try our dishes.
Reserve your table today!

7.7. Cooking course (Vegan)

14.7. Cooking course (Fish/meat)

Register via the form on the website and we will contact you afterwards.


Join our

Whether you want to learn how to cook, improve your cooking skills, or simply have fun with cooking. Join us on weekends for a cooking course where we share our knowledge and passion for cooking.

Do you need a
catering service?

Beyond our doors, we extend our expertise to cater smaller events (up to 50 people), ensuring every gathering is a flavorful celebration.

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